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Kids can change their minds on a whim and often it’s hard to get them concentrating on one thing at a time. As any parent would appreciate, safety and protection is the No. 1 priority when out on two wheels and the Lazer Nut’z makes sure this is well accommodated for. Passing all safety standards with flying colours, and featuring the Autofit® retention system for the best fit, your child is well covered.

So with the adult stuff aside, let your child’s imagination run wild with the awesome graphics and artwork of the Nut’z helmet. It’s a great way to keep their attention on riding and not reaching to remove their helmet.

Assorted colours to choose from!

Bring your child in and let us fit them, alternatively bring in their  head measurements and we can help you find the right helmet for you child!  The autoretention system is awesome and ensures that your childs helmet isnt going to jut forward which can be quite fruistrating for your child!

.....Styles may vary in store.....

• Fit System: Autofit® retention system
• Construction: In-Mold (1 piece)
• Ventilation: 16 vents
• Optional Nutshell – allows for multiple shell designs to be swapped so your child never gets bored (sold separately)
• Certification: CE, CPSC, AS/NZS 2063
• Weight: 320g
• Sizes: Kids unisize (50-55 cm)

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