Cateye Strada Smart computer model:CC-RD500B

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Cateye's range of smart computers allows you to use the functionality of your phone to give you all the features of a cycling computer of three or four times the price. The Strada Smart harnesses the power of your smart phone but because it does all the work, your phone battery will be spared.

The beauty of the Strada Smart is that it can be used without your phone as a standalone bike computer. The computer's sensors can pick up speed cadence, power and heart rate data using Bluetooth Smart wireless sensors. When you wish, you can enable Mirror Mode, which will display GPS powered data on your Strada Smart computer. Your phone can be kept in your pocket, out of harm's way, with sleep mode enabled, to preserve its battery life.

One-touch navigation makes the Strada Smart easy to read and easy to use.


Technical Data:

  • Current, average and maximum speed
  • Total and trip distance and elapsed time
  • Current, average and maximum cadence
  • Current, average and maximum and heart rate
  • Power: 0 - 9999 watts
  • Tyre size: 100mm - 3999mm (default:2096mm)
  • Compatible Sensors: Cateye brand ISC-12 Speed/Cadence sensor/HR-12 Heart Rate sensor. Also works with other brand Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate, and/or Power sensors conforming to Bluetooth4.0 CSCP/HRP/CPP
  • Battery: CR2032 x 1
  • Battery life: approximately 5 months
  • Size: 47mm x 32mm x 13.2mm
  • Weight:17g


  • Can be used as a standalone bike computer or with your smart phone
  • Mirror mode displays GPS data, including call and message alerts
  • Ride data can be shared to Strava and other social media sites
  • Optional Bluetooth SMART sensors record Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power

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