Cateye Adventure AT200W Wireless Computer

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The Adventure cyclocomputer combines all of the great cycling features that you’ve come to expect from CatEye with a fully functioning altimeter in one elegant and simple to use product. 

The large screen simultaneously displays the speed, time, and altitude functions, including an accurate temperature gauge. Scrolling between the display functions in made easy with the ClickTec Plus single button design, no matter which gloves you’re wearing.

With innovative features like reference and home altitude, second bike sensor recognition, and slope angle, all in a digital wireless design, this is a computer rugged enough for off road use and elegant enough for professional road bikes. 

Current speed: 0.0(4.0)~105.9 km/h [ 0.0(3.0)~65.0 mph ]
Total distance: 0.0~9999.9/10000-999999km [mile]
Trip distance 1: 0.00~9999.99km [mile]
Trip distance 2: 0.00~9999.99km [mile]
Elapsed time: 0:00'00"~99:59'59"
Average speed: 0.0~105.9km/h [ 0.0~65.0 mph ]
Maximum speed: 0.0(4.0)~105.9 km/h [ 0.0(3.0)~65.0 mph ]
Clock: 0:00~23:59 [1:00~12:59]
Countdown distance: 9999.90~0.00km [mile]
Temperature: -20~60℃ [-4~140°F]
Sea level altitude: -500~9000m [ -1640~29600 ft ]
Slope angle (%): -99% ~ +99%
Ascending altitude: 0 ~ 999999 m [ ft ]
Total altitude gain: 0 ~ 99999 / 100 ~ 99999 x 1000 m [ ft ]
Wireless transmission: Speed [digital sensor, ID coded]
Pace arrow: Yes
Auto power saving: Yes
Tyre size: 0100mm~3999mm (default:A 2096mm / B 2050mm, dual tire size)
Transmission distance: 20~70cm [27 inches] 
Battery: Computer: CR2032 X1 Sensor: CR2032 X1
Battery life: Computer: approx 10 months (1hr use per day, may vary depending on environment)
Sensor:approx 8 months (1hr use per day, may vary depending on environment) 
※ Average figure of being used under 20 °C temperature and at transmission distance 65 cm.

57 X 34 X 15mm

Weight: approx 30 grams

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