Motorex Wet Protect Performance Lubricant - 300ml

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Motorex Wet Protect Chain lubricant for use in wet conditions

Biodegradable, fully synthetic lubricant. The Motorex Wet Protect contains additives that allow it to penetrate quickly and deeply. Provides optimum lubrication and outstanding protection against corrosion. Specially developed for riding conditions where the lubricant has to adhere to the chain for extended periods. The lubricant is highly water repellent, making it ideal for damp and muddy conditions. 

Application of Motorex Wet Protect:

After cleaning, lubricate the dry drive chain with one of our chain lubricants. The toothed rack casing does not need to be treated separately, because it is adequately lubricated by the chain itself. It makes more sense to lubricate the chain with a small amount of lubricant at regular intervals rather than lubricating the relevant components with a lot of lubricant once a year. When applying lubricant, always make sure that no spray or oil is allowed to make contact with the edges of rims or brake discs. 

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