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Contains 7 patches and glue pretty simple and forever reliable, that's why I still use this method today.

Handy tips spread the glue lightly and after you spread it out with your fingers blow some air on it quickly. It will change colour straight away then apply the patch, hold for maybe a minute with the box pushing against it and you away.  BUT DON'T TAKE THE PLASTIC OFF THE PATCH ONLY THE FOIL. This way you won't peel the patch away from the tube while it's sticking also it stops the patch from sticking to the tyre.

I have added to this add a little history, a picture from my WW1 Collection. The War Illustrated a Pictorial Record of the Conflict of Nations.Volume 6  it reads....

British Cyclist orderlies under fire during the great advance n the west. The men are repairing their machines when a shell fell uncomfortably close, but the trio carried on with what they were doing unperturbed. The man hammering did not even look around.



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