Shimano RD-C201 rear derailleur

Brands Shimano
Product Code: Shimano RD-C201 rear derailleur
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8 speed rear derailleur. Rapid Rise Design - The reverse action coil spring allows the derailleur to down-shift with cable release. This not only reduces shifting effort, it also allows the right and left lever sets to operate the same way to reduce shifting confusion. Advanced Light Action Design - Extension spring and low-friction linkage result in a light action regardless of gear position. Oversize Pulleys - 13-tooth tension and 11-tooth guide pulleys run smoother, make less noise, reduce pulley cage length, and wear longer. Wheel-Type Cable Guide - Reduces cable friction by approximately 20% for lighter, smoother shifting. MegaRange Compatible - Designed for fast and precise shifting with MegaRange cassette sprockets

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