Shimano LX RD-M580 rear derailleur

Brands Shimano
Product Code: Shimano LX RD-M580 rear derailleur
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Shimano Deore LX M580 2005 description: 
Wide link design
New design outer link increases rigidity and service life. 
Low Normal return spring
Lends to incredibly intuitive operation when combined with Dual Control shift levers. Enhances and allows for pre-selection of inward shifts, especially in varying terrain 
Rubber bumper on P-body : Option
Reduces noise and adds durability 
Capacity : GS 33T, SGS 45T 

Max. Sprocket 34T 
Min. Sprocket 11T 
Front Difference 22T max. 
Total Capacity 33T (GS), 45T (SGS) 
Guide Pulley chromized steel bushing 
Tension Pulley chromized steel bushing 
Pulley Bolts stainless steel 
Bracket Body aluminum/painted 
Bracket Pivot Seal single O-rings 
Plate Body aluminum/painted 
Plate Pivot Bolt steel 
Plate Pivot Seal No 
Outer Link aluminum/painted 
Inner Link steel/electrostatic painted 
Link Pin Bushings fluorine coated(2) 
Outer Plate steel/painted 
Inner Plate steel/electrostatic painted 
Weight 278g 

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